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  • About John Mauk "Mauk gives us a world you will find only here,
    only here until you set the book aside
    and go for a walk. Then you will begin to feel
    his world surrounding you."

    - Jack Ridl

  • Field Notes for the Earthbound "Maybe that was rock-n-roll’s job -
    to drive things to their end, to turn people
    and all their contraptions into smoke."

    ~The Electric Nowhere, John Mauk

  • Field Notes for the Earthbound "They were, like the rest of us, living that horizontal life -
    roaming and forgetting, roaming and forgetting."

    ~The Electric Nowhere, John Mauk

  • About John Mauk “John Mauk’s stories are filled with magic, violence, and wisdom.
    Among the blessed and the cursed, the drunks and the perverts,
    you will meet a girl who can fly, a belligerent priest,
    and the son of a witch."

    - Bonnie Jo Campbell

John Mauk
Writer | Teacher

Cursed by tenderhearted witches, saved by Nazarene healers, and haunted by brazen lunatics, the characters in Field Notes for the Earthbound yearn to escape the relentless horizon of Northwestern Ohio. These connected stories chronicle an area dying to itself, shedding its magic, and awakening to the highways, bottled beer, and rock-n-roll washing over the Midwestern flatland.




Field Notes for the Earthbound


The Rest of Us


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John Mauk
Writer | Teacher

"Quantum physicists now say the universe is aware. It’s watching us watch it. And the Big Bang, according to a healthy consensus, is happening right now. My point? The most fundamental stuff we think we know—the bedrock of what is—keeps getting blasted away. Modernity keeps saying, “Oops.” Just when we think we have some basic traction, that we know something about ourselves and the big blurry world, a new claim comes along and liquifies the ground we’re standing on. To me, that whole operation is the realm of fiction. I like stories that dramatize what we do not know—and characters who are caught up in their own wonder."

~from "When We Fell in Love," 3G1B