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Cursed by tenderhearted witches, saved by Nazarene healers, and haunted by brazen lunatics, the characters in Field Notes for the Earthbound yearn to escape the relentless horizon of Northwestern Ohio. These connected stories chronicle an area dying to itself, shedding its magic, and awakening to the highways, bottled beer, and rock-n-roll washing over the Midwestern flatland.

~from “The Blessed”
“My mom was a witch. I don’t mean a New Age earth goddess or Wiccan. She wasn’t a peacenik or spiritualist. And she wasn’t retaliating against other religions. Back then, on the open flatlands of Ohio before the turnpike brought the rest of the world zooming through, being a witch was private business. It wasn’t something to talk about or parade around. And it wasn’t a choice any more than your last name. My mom was a real witch. She did things to people. She made things happen. And I can be honest now that she’s gone. She’s the reason David Manville looks like he’ll eat your head if you give him half the chance, and probably the reason he molested that Jonas kid years ago, and why he went off to prison and did unspeakable things behind bars.”